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5 Tips choose comfortable fashion slippers -

In summer, sandals appear more frequently than any shoe. When we choose sandals, we should choose them according to the shape of the feet.

What's best slippers for women?

Some people will choose dearfoam slippers or olukai slippers.

The fact is only what fits your feet is the best!

Choose according to your foot shape:

1.high arch

    When this type of person chooses sandals, they should choose sandals with a certain curvature of the sole, preferably with a raised part in the middle, so that they will be more comfortable to wear.


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    2.low arch

    People with low arches have a larger foot area, so don't choose high heels when choosing sandals.


    Or try to wear high heels as little as possible, so as not to hurt the bones of the feet, you can choose flat sandals, or sandals with a slight slope.


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            3.Normal arch

    People with normal arches do not have any special requirements when choosing sandals. They can choose according to their own preferences, because the design of sandals on the market is designed according to the foot shape of the public.

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    Choose according to the fat and thin feet.



    4.fat feet

    Fat feet are sometimes not because there is too much meat on the feet, but because the bones of the feet are relatively wide, especially the bones of the soles of the feet, so people with this type of feet should not choose strappy sandals when buying sandals.

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    5.thin feet

    There are many types of sandals to choose from for this foot type, but the most suitable sandals for this foot type are slender shallow sandals, which are very beautiful to wear.

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    Hope you find best slippers for you!

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